Manufacturing Operators Jubail

2018-03-31 09:08:32

عن المنشاة

يتميز حضور داو في المملكة العربية السعودية باستثمارات ضخمة وحضور تجاري متنامٍ. وتعتبر شركة صدارة وهي عبارة عن مشروع مشترك بين داو وشركة أرامكو السعودية، أكبر استثمار أجنبي مباشر في قطاع الكيماويات السعودي. كما أقامت داو شراكات ناجحة مع شركة ابرهيم الجفالي وإخوانه وشركة تصنيع صحارى للأوليفينات. للمزيد من المعلومات ، تواصلوا عبر الرابط الذي يستعرض مشاريعنا المشتركة في المملكة. تأسست شركة داو العربية السعودية عام 2007 بصفتها أولى الشركات التي نمتلكها بالكامل في المملكة. وتستثمر داو في الأبحاث والتطوير محلياً في المملكة عبر مركز داو الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا للأبحاث والتطوير الذي أقيم في جامعة الملك عبد الله للعلوم والتقنية (كاوست). وتركز الأبحاث الجارية في المركز على تحلية المياه والنفط والغاز والبناء والإنشاءات.

  • قطاع الشركة : غير ذلك
  • طبيعة عمل الشركة : صاحب عمل (القطاع الخاص)
  • حجم الشركة : 500 موظف أو أكثر
  • سنة التاسيس : -

معلومات الشركة

  • الدولة : المملكة العربية السعودية

This position consist of working as a Technical Production Operator in the Element fabrication or Membrane production area which produces water elements & membrane. This position will be involved in different rotations of the production lines; and rotate role to role based on business, shift and ergonomics need. Besides the primary rotations, the operator needs to fix or adjust the machines with hand tools as needed.

Experience: 2 or more years of related manufacturing experiences or 2 years technical degree required.

Ability and Knowledge:
Knowledge of pneumatics, power and free conveyance systems, and servo motors,
Knowledge of chemicals & reactive chemicals in area of Environment, Health & Safety.
Ability to handle chemicals (hazardous materials).
Computer skills; proficient in Windows, Microsoft Excel. Experience with PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) is a plus.
Ability to initiate and/or accept positive change/improvement in processes.
Knowledge/ability to quickly and effectively solve complex mechanical assembly production issues.
Excellent interpersonal skills to solve potential conflict issues within the work team and across other teams.
Need to off-load bulk chemicals.
2 year Industrial College – Associate Degree is required.
0-2 years of previous manufacturing experience is required.
Safety conscious.
Abide by all workplace policies and procedures, including working in a smoke-free and drug-free environment.
Able and willing to work in an empowered team environment, including the ability to effectively communicate, share information, resolves issues, give and receive both positive and critical feedback in a respectful and professional manner.
Able to anticipate changes that will be required to complete projects.
Able to work independently and be motivated to produce results.
Able to maintain productivity.
Able to effectively work with others.
Able to learn and successfully operate various mechanical machines, both manual and highly automated.
Able to lift 45 pounds (20.5 Kg)
Able to read, write and comprehend documents in English.
Able to understand and prioritize business needs.
Able to recognize and/or eliminate non-value added activities.
Able to work non-day shift and schedule that would include afternoons, nights, weekends and /or holidays.
Able to work in rotating shift.
Strong work ethic and able to remain productive in an empowered team environment.
Have good technical skills to learn and grow, keeping current with new automation and technology.
Able to operate both mechanical lift equipment and computer software programs.
Punctual and reliable individual.
Able to learn a documented work process and apply it consistently.
Able to perform quality checks.
Able to do minor maintenance
Able to do troubleshooting.
Able to train and mentor new employees
Able to collect process data and monitor equipment performance
Take initiatives to propose ideas for improvement
Preferred Qualifications:
4 years of previous discrete manufacturing experience/chemical plant operation experience is preferred.

2 year Industrial College – Associate Degree is required.

  • الدور الوظيفي
  • عدد الشواغر
    غير محدد
  • العمر المطلوب
    من - الى
  • الجنس
    غير محدد
  • المستوى المهني
    متوسط الخبرة
  • نوع التوظيف
    دوام كامل
  • سنوات الخبرة
    2 - الحد الاقصى غير محدد
  • الراتب المتوقع

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