• Customer Service Supervisor #

    The Customer Service Supervisor will create and lead the implementation of an exciting and innovative customer experience strategy for SAR that delivers a consistent experience across all customer touchpoints (multi-site and multi-channel (.

    The post holder will create competitive advantage for SAR via customer service excellence, and will be responsible for demonstrating continuous improvement in customer satisfaction levels through the implementation of monitoring systems and action plans to improve frontline customer service delivery.

    SAR is seeking to recruit a leader of customer experience who is fanatical about delivering world class customer service.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Define the end-to-end customer journey including all touchpoints, ensuring that the business understands and embraces the journey through the customers eyes. Overlay this journey map with research insights to ensure plans are founded in evidence and supported in the conclusions drawn.

    Lead on reviewing all procedures at every customer touchpoint and work with the relevant departmental owner to ensure that robust plans are in place to ensure a consistent world class customer experience is delivered at every stage.

    Define and communicate the customer experience objectives from the commercial objectives, and lead on developing appropriate strategies to ensure all objectives are achieved.

    Lead by chairing and delivering the Customer Experience Steering Group, collaborating with key business personnel.

    Lead on defining the requirements, then implementing a new Customer Support Centre, responsible for dealing with all customer enquiries relating to SAR passenger services.

    Define and develop Customer Service Passenger Standards and contribute to the development on engaging training modules to embed these standards across the organization. Develop customer information plans adopting a multi-channel approach, including the development of robust plans and procedures for communicating with customers during times of disruption.

    Identify and define customer service standards measurement tools including customer research, mystery shopping, staff survey, external audit on a quantitative and qualitative basis and present the monthly results across the business.

    Play an ambassador role in developing stronger a customer experience mindset and culture within the business, ensuring that all of the SAR team are consistent in their understanding of what their contribution is to the customer experience. Furthermore, encourage, recognise and reward the contribution of new idea generation and customer service excellence at all levels.

    Ensure the customer service and sales function for the business unit works within defined health and safety legislation, SAR, SERCO and International standards and that a regular review and audit process is instituted to monitor this.

    Identify and define customer service excellence for SAR

    Responsible for the development of all Customer Service Support Center team members ensuring appropriate development plans are drawn up for each team member and that a regular process of review and appraisal is applied.

    Take senior business unit decisions on behalf of the Customer Service and Distribution channels manager out of office hours through an on-call commitment.

    Develop strong relationships with external stakeholders, SAR, Freight and Infrastructure colleagues defining all in stakeholder register.

    Define customer service staff people requirements, TNA and task analysis.

    HSQE Responsibilities and Information Security Responsibilities:

    Lead in the development and implementation of the Integrated Management System requirements within their Department and provide the leadership to ensure that contents of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment and Information Security Policy Statements are known and understood by their staff.

    Provide input into the development of the Health, Safety, Quality and Environment and Information Security Policy Statements.

    To exercise a personal duty of care for their own health, safety and welfare and for those affected by the acts or omissions and promote the same within their area of responsibility.

    Ensure that a good HSQE and Information Security culture is promoted within their departments and among their peers.

    Lead by example and ensure that ways to conserve energy, water and resources and minimize the generation of waste are identified and responded to within their area of responsibility.

    Protect information assets and data including both electronic and paper based from all threats whether internal, external, deliberate or accidental.

    Promote a good HSQE and Information Security culture among their departments and peers.

    Conduct regular reviews on the HSQE and Information Security Performance and seek ways to continually improve.

    Carry out regular safety tours and inspections.


    Ideally a degree holder in a relevant commercial discipline.

    Ideally holds membership or accreditation from a professional body such as the IRO and/or The Institute of Customer Service.

    Sound knowledge of customer service standards and procedures.


    Must be a skilled manager in communicating, motivating and developing staff.

    Must be politically incisive in communicating effectively with KSA Ministries,

    government agencies, board members, media/press, contractors and staff.

    Highly motivated and flexibility to work in a time-sensitive environment to respond quickly and effectively to unanticipated high workloads, events and emergencies.

    Excellent analytical reasoning ability and capable of making decisions on complex matters.

    Ability to multi-task and analyze situations promptly and without bias so as to determine the proper course of action or alternatives without jeopardizing human safety, quality and the committed performance targets.

    Thorough understanding of all aspects of safety issues related to railway operations.

    Skilled report writer and good numeric skills to manage substantial revenue and cost budgets.


    10 years general experience.

    5 years railway experience 3 of which in the customer service function.

    Good understanding of the rail systems basics such as passenger, freight or heavy haul operations and signalling systems, automatic gates and fare collection, track and crossovers, control and communication systems and E&M systems, their functions and operations.