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Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company YASREF
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title Fire Chief Yanbu

business Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company YASREF

date_range تاريخ الاعلان قبل 2 شهر
date_range تاريخ الانتهاء 3 اسبوع

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1. Provide direction and lead direct reports in performing their roles and responsibilities..

2. Conduct performance appraisal reviews for direct reports, identify and ensure they acquire the required managerial or functional competencies and knowledge.

3. Review all periodic performance reports to ensure the effective implementation for YASREF’s strategies and operational priorities (Profit, reliability, safety and environmental requirements) and identify improvement opportunities and propose / implement improvement actions.

4. Execute Department/ Division strategy and operational plans and manage the Division’s annual budget, to meet set objectives and performance targets.

5. Ensure that the performance of various responsibilities and the conduct of the staff in the Division are in accordance with the YASREF’s policies and procedures.

6. Ensure the availability of required resources to carry out all the responsibilities related to the Division

Functional Responsibilities:

1. Lead the development, implementation and maintenance of firefighting and emergency response systems and procedures.

2. Ensure that technical specifications for firefighting equipment (fire trucks, foam/water carriers, emergency vehicles, rescue equipment, advance control vehicles, and portable equipment) are in place and in good shape.

3. Ensure that proper firefighting and emergency response techniques are applied.

4. Review drawings of all YASREF facilities and plant area layouts for new developments, fire prevention/protection issues including recommending best methods on fire protection systems.

5. Respond to all kinds of emergencies such as fire, toxic, gas leaks, rescue of people and attend incidents safely and promptly.

6. Plan, implement and evaluate training for YASREF volunteers and Emergency Response Team (ERT) regularly.

7. Plan and conduct annual fire extinguisher training (theoretical and practical) for YASREF employees.

8. Initiate testing of fire and rescue equipment installed at YASREF premises to ensure they are properly maintained and are in sound working condition at all times.

9. Plan and conduct periodical technical professional training for fire brigade staff; such as breathing apparatus training, fire leadership and prevention, method of instruction and investigation of fires on regular basis.

10. Participate and attend communication and coordination meetings with inte
al and exte
al agencies.

11. Drive and oversee the implementation of projects related to firefighting systems, other fire prevention aspects and emergency response preparedness.

12. Aid in the mitigation of emergencies, as directed by supervisory personnel, under jurisdiction of outside agencies when required.

13. Follow up with new technology in firefighting/emergency response and ensure techniques, equipment, and trainings are in-line with fire-fighting/emergency response best practices.

14. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by Fire Protection Manager.

Minimum Job Qualifications Requirement:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Fire, Safety, Industrial Security, Engineering, Or equivalent.

2. Minimum in Work Experience: Eight (8) years in Fire, Safety, Industrial Security, Engineering, Or equivalent in a refining or oil and gas facilities.


Behavioral Competencies:

1. Inspiring and Influencing Others

2. Decision Making

3. Strategic Thinking (Vision/Direction)

4. Planning and Organizing Work

5.People Motivation and Development

6. Stakeholder Management

Technical Competencies

1. Access System Management

2. Physical Search

3. Emergency Procedures

4. Fire System Management

5. Measures and Mitigation

6. Weapon Management

7. Security Planning and Forecasting

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