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title Graffiti Removal Officer

business الهيئة الملكية لمحافظة العلا

date_range تاريخ الاعلان قبل 2 شهر
date_range تاريخ الانتهاء 1 شهر

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This position will  performs both routine and skilled heavy physical work in the maintenance repair and cleaning of streets and the collection of garden refuse; operates trucks and a variety of hand and power tools and equipment; use various methods of graffiti abatement to include painting spraying and utilizing water blasting equipment performs related work as assigned

Functional Responsibilities:

Independently and proactively responds to requests for graffiti removal from Archology & Conservations team.

Checks Land Master File for information regarding sites and obtains consent for removal of graffiti from sites.

Trouble shoots and performs repair maintenance and calibration of paint equipment.

Removes graffiti by washing sand blasting water blasting painting or other methods including using graffiti removal chemicals.

Mixes paints and matches colors.

Tapes tints primes and/or texturizes walls and other surfaces in preparation for brush or spray painting.

Photographs the scene of graffiti and documents the location.

Operates power washer airless paint sprayer sandblaster and paint trucks.

Handles and transports petroleum based hazardous material to temporary storage/warehouse.

Breaks and removes surfaces; digs shovels hauls and loads and unloads soils sands asphalt mixes and other materials operates jack hammers pavement breakers concrete saws spades tampers and a wide variety of hand and power tools related to street maintenance work.

Academic Qualifications:


Work Experience:

Minimum 1 years of relevant experience

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