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title Manager - Technical Development (Resources and Waste)

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To provide expert advice on the assessment planning and delivery of recycling treatment and disposal technologies to meet the needs of the Resource and Waste Management Departments objectives in providing quality services to its customers. The services provided will include making use of both proven and less proven (developmental stage) solutions with the overall requirement for services to be data driven and making use of latest technologies.



Provide expert assessment of the technology options available to be implemented in NEOM to enable and support the Departments activities and goals. Requires discussion to develop synergistic services that also support other NEOM Sectors and Regions activities

Oversee and ensure that the Departments core business, strategies and policies are aligned with the planning and delivery of required recycling treatment and disposal services.

Manage the strategic planning to enable the implementation of technology solutions to NEOM.

Provide technical advice to the Director Resource and Waste Management on such matters as service delivery performance constraints and risks complaint management and solution options technology availability time and cost risk analysis performance monitoring and reporting and input into capital and operational budget preparation.

Identify and establish productive key inte
al and exte
al stakeholder relationships early to assist in the efficient execution of the responsibilities associated with this position.

Maintain awareness of leading policy and industry standards trends and programs for resource collection diversion and transportation which may have application to NEOM Resource and Waste Management programs and infrastructure.


Lead and oversee the planning and delivery of technology to enable an integrated solid waste recycling treatment and disposal service which meets applicable service delivery standards.

Provide continued technical and technology support during the service delivery phase assisting with optimizing operations and making necessary adjustments to systems to achieve this.

Develop manage and administer all aspects of the technical services function including planning and delivery of preferred technology options including assistance with procurement.

Retain a forward thinking outlook whilst at the same time be responsive to immediate and/or short-term technical problem solving and advice particularly to the Resource and Waste Management Department.

Undertake on-going analysis of data trends and industry standards for waste recycling treatment and disposal to ensure the Resource and Waste Management Department undertakes its operations/services consistently and in compliance with appropriate practices and strategic plans.

Ensuring personal safety and the safety of others by following NEOM policies and procedures cooperating with all reasonable instructions and actively participating in all health and safety training and consultation.


Minimum of 10 years experience (preferably in KSA) in solid waste management industry experience in the assessment delivery and oversight of high value technologies in the area of resource and waste management.

Previously held management positions in the solid waste management industry.

Bachelors Degree or equivalent in a relevant subject.

Qualifications in people management (preferred).

Qualifications in contract management (preferred).

Certification and Membership in related professional association/s.

Driving license.

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